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Friday, August 11, 2017

starting my capsule wardrobe + closet tour

Starting my
Capsule Wardrobe

Fri-YAY!!!! Im so excited for the weekend....I guess Im always excited for the weekend but especially this weekend. WHY? because Chase is celebrating his 9th birthday at the waterslides and its going to be a great day spent with friends and family! Im also starting my Fall capsule wardrobe....wait what?!?!?! yeah you read that right. I know I said that I could never be a minimalist or narrow my wardrobe down to 37 pieces for one season. But I've decided to go ahead and at least give it a try for one season. Here are my reasons for converting to a capsule wardrobe...
  • Less is More truly I believe this...extra stuff has always stressed me out and I hate having stuff that either doesn't have a place or never gets used.
  • TIME this is a big one...because I literally spend way to much time staring at all my clothes hanging in my closet trying to decide what I will wear that day.
  • Quality over Quantity Ive always believed that owning few things that will last you for a long time and get worn repeatedly is far better than tons of cheap things that get washed once and never return to their original shape and color;) but I still find myself buying stuff because its so cheap and its hard to resist! Over the years I've discovered that its okay to buy those types of clothes every once in a while but you have to be okay with the fact that you might only wear it once and it will forever hang in your closet as a reminder of the 20$ that you totally wasted!lol 
  • Saving Money okay this last point is probably my main reason for doing a capsule wardrobe. The truth is I have a shopping addiction. I know it, my husband knows it, and I'm tired of spending our hard earned money on things I truly don't need! I love the idea that every season you have a budget to spend on your capsule and you use that money to invest in key pieces that are versatile and high quality! 
Ive been researching capsule wardrobes and talking with some friends who are starting their capsule wardrobes and I'm excited to share our experiences with all of you! 

Today is officially day one of creating my capsule wardrobe. Last week I did a major purge and thought that would be good enough and I would feel less stressed walking into my closet but after a week of living with it in its current state I realized that I could do with even less and the thought of a capsule wardrobe kept coming back into my thoughts. The video below is a tour of my current closet situation. I debated about sharing this with your guys but ultimately decided that it would be helpful to see what I started out with and what I end up keeping for my fall capsule.

I am using this PDF GUIDE as a guideline to get started on my first capsule.
the first step is to take out 8 pieces from your closet that you absolutely love and wear over and over again. She says to resist the urge to go shopping for your pieces or start by purging...whoops! Try and grab a couple items from each category. Tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, etc... and them write down why you love this item and try to be specific:) 


  1. JEAN JACKET I purposely bought this jacket because its not super fitted, you can layer a sweater of hoody underneath it and its a classic denim wash that goes with everything. I'm including it in my fall capsule because it fits perfect, I love wearing it, and its the perfect transitional piece to layer over dresses, tanks, and tees as the weather starts getting colder but not yet parka weather;)
  2. BOYFRIEND SHIRT This shirt is a great neutral color that goes with everything and has that classically cool vibe! Plus the fit is ahhhhhmazing...I typically have a hard time finding button up shirts that fit my boat shoulders and aren't super baggy everywhere else.
  3. WHITE HENLEY This is a great basic henley thermal with a hint of style. Its the perfect amount of thickness, and length!
  4. MID RISE DARK WASH JEGGINGS These jeans/jeggings fit amazingly, run tts, and have the perfect dark wash that can be worn with heels for a dressier look or with sneakers and a tee for a casual weekend outfit. 
  5. HIGH WASTED BUTTON FLY JEANS obviously I love Express denim;) I also own two pairs of their shorts and they never disappoint. If your looking for a quality pair of jeans that won't break the bank I would highly suggest giving Express a try. I love this pair because of the button detail. They look so cute with a crop top and are very flattering.
  6. PEEP TOE BOOTIES I bought these last winter and I'm so excited that you guys can still get them on sale!!! Booties are a perfect fall transitional piece and these are adorable with skinny jeans or a skirt. Not to mention they are comfortable and well made with a sturdy block heel. Ive worn them over 8 hours straight without my feet hurting. 
  7. CUTE RAINBOOTS are an essential piece of my capsule wardrobe. Over the years I've had many different pairs and styles but none can compare to these! I take rainbows VERY seriously ...Im a PNW girl and it rains ALL. THE. TIME. I bought this pair last year and Im not kidding when I say I wore them 5 out of the seven days in the week. I could go on and on about why I love them sooooo much! I got complimented on them all the time because they are unique (not your average hunter rain boot) I've had a pair of those too but my feet were always cold in them! not these feet stayed warm and dry all winter long. and GUESS WHAT????? they are on super sale right the exact same color I own! 
  8. BLACK T-SHIRT DRESS This is definitely a splurge item but its classic that can be worn forever. I personally love it because its flattering and can be worn in the winter with boots and sweater, in the summer with tennis shoes, or in the spring with espadrilles for an outdoor wedding
I am already loving the way these 8 pieces work so well together and can be combined in multiple ways to create completely different looks!

My next step in creating my capsule wardrobe will be to remove 8 items from my wardrobe that I own but never wear and write down why they don't work for me.  Ill for sure keep you posted as I'm creating my capsule wardrobe and feel free to drop a comment below and let me know if you will be joining me in this experiment or if you have any tips from your personal experience creating your own.
I also want you guys to know that I do make a small commission when you shop through my affiliated links but this post is in no way sponsored and I would never ever try to sell you something that I don't love and use. Obviously I truly love all these items and some have even been staples in my wardrobe for almost a year and I know you will love them too!
Now I need to go get all the stuff for Chases Bday party tomorrow. Happy weekend babes


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