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Monday, July 31, 2017

Why do all fashion bloggers post about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I'm new to this whole blogging biz and I'm just now starting to figure out how it all works. One thing I have noticed is that every fashion blogger and their mother is posting about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and unless you've been living under a rock this last month I'm sure you've noticed too;) Here is the bottom line...Bloggers make big money off promoting this sale. Bloggers use affiliate links on their websites and through their social media platforms and when you shop the sale through the links we make a commission. Like I said I'm just getting started with my blog and using different affiliate programs to make money but I want to be 100% transparent with you guys and I don't ever want you to feel like I'm sharing a product or service with you just to make some dough. The honest truth is that I love shopping, fashion, and everything related. One of my favorite things to do is go shopping with friends and help them pick out the perfect outfit. Now I get to do that on my blog and get paid for it! I also see a huge opportunity to relate with women who aren't a size 0. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a size 0 but in a world where almost all models/fashion bloggers are tall and thin and your body is neither.  It's very difficult to determine what style will compliment your body type if your athletic, curvy, short, or plus size. I know I can't relate to every body type but I'd like to think I'm bringing some diversity to the fashion blogging world:) 

Im super excited to post about the Nordstrom Anniversary sale for my first time! Ive actually shopped this sale for years. Its the best sale EVER because you get to shop brand-new arrivals at super-sale prices. Even though its still the middle of summer I always look for key pieces to add to my fall wardrobe. This includes boots, sweaters, long sleeves, scarves, and designer bags that I wouldn't normally purchase at full price! For the last 2 weeks I've been shopping the sale on line and a few days ago I went to Nordstrom so I could try on some of the items I've been eyeing online. There are thousands of items in the sale and I've spent hours filtering though them to find my top picks and recommendations. I hope that I've made shopping this sale more enjoyable for you:) 


Every year I purchase Zella leggings at the sale! Most people don't know that the designer of Zella used to work for Lululemon but then decided to start her own line and carry it at Nordstrom. Ive been wearing this brand for years and tell all of my fitness friends about it! The high waisted Zellas are my fave because they last FOREVER! seriously I've had a pair of Zellas that I wore when I was pregnant with Chase. He turns nine this month;)


You guys know I'm obsessed with sunglasses, especially by Quay. They are affordable, stylish and high quality! If you don't have a pair, I highly suggest snagging these while they are on sale. Prices go back up August 7th!





my top picks in shoes

Im obsessed with over the knee boots! I bought my first pair 2 years ago at the anniversary sale and fell in love! This year I got these ones by Marc Fisher because they can be worn with skirts, dresses, or rompers for a dressier look or be dressed down with leggings or jeans! If you live in a colder/rainy climate I highly suggest buying these Sorel boots! Like seriously...If you only buy one thing at the sale...BUY THESE!!! I bought the same ones last season in tan and I wore them more than any other boots I own. When you live in the PNW you take your rain boots vey seriously and these were perfect! Not only did they keep my feet warm and dry, they were also so comfy and I got compliments on them every where I went!


THATS IT! happy shopping babes
...ooooookay BYE!

  • Please note: This post contains affiliate links.


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