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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Girls trip! How I pack my carry on plus outfit details

3 days before the trip

I start by making mental notes on things that need done before I leave town. Go to the bank, clean the house, wash laundry etc. these notes start off in my head and then I make sure I jot them down somewhere so I don't forget, like in the notes section on my phone, my anylist app, or on a waterproof notepad you keep in your shower. These things are seriously brilliant. 

Next I will start planning my outfits and pulling out the clothes I know I want to bring on my trip. This step also includes making sure all my laundry is clean and checking the weather to make sure I pack accordingly. There is nothing worse than not being prepared for the weather! 

I will also check my inventory of toiletries. I want to make sure I'm not running low on my travel sized deodorant or hairspray. 

2 days before the trip 

This is when I really start to focus on my outfits. I hate over packing so I really try and plan out exactly what I will be wearing each day plus the accessories and shoes that go with each outfit. This is by far the most time consuming part of my packing routine. I start by laying out each potential outfit and then trying them on to make sure everything looks good and fits right. For this particular trip I took photos in each outfit and text them to my friends I'm traveling with for their opinions. Then I pick my jewelry and pack it into my Travel jewelry roll If I'm going on a longer trip or a Vegas trip and I know I will being wearing more jewelry I will use this travel jewelry organizer case that is much better for traveling with statements pieces. Now I have to choose shoes for each outfit. THIS IS HARD FOR ME...I try and pack only 3 pairs. A comfy athletic shoe πŸ‘Ÿ (these are my all-time fave) a  neutral sandal (for summer vacations) and a fancy dress up shoe. Sometimes I end up packing more but 3 pairs is always the goal, especially if I'm traveling in a carry on. 

this is what happens when your going on a girls trip and you have too many outfit choices ☺️πŸ’•πŸ’πŸΌ

1 day before the trip

I like to make sure I have a minimum of 2 hours set aside for packing the day before my trip. I try to do this during the day because I hate staying up late the night before a trip especially if I have an early flight in the morning. 
I start by getting my suitcase  out. I bought this one last year before our trip to Bora Bora an its amazing! I have the carry on size and the checked bag size. Its super lightweight (which means you can pack more) πŸ˜‰ its a 4 wheeler, and the compartments inside are perfect for the way I fold and pack my suitcase.

Travel outfit-

The first outfit I pick out is my travel day outfit. This is probably one of the most important outfit choices. First of all it has to be comfy yet cuteπŸ˜‰ I also try to wear a lot of layers on travel day because I'm usually getting to the airport early in the morning and even in the summer Seattle is still quite chilly. Plus I'm always cold on the plane. For this particular trip I'm packing a pair of shorts to throw in my oversized "purse" πŸ˜‚ because I'm planning on changing out of my leggings when I get to Minnesota. 

Fancy Outfit- 
  • I would link where I bought the pieces in this outfit but honestly everything is so old and unavailable now that it would do you no good 😊 

I'm flying into Minneapolis and meeting up with a bunch of friends that I met on Instagram. I sounds crazy but really its actually very cool! We initially connected through a fitness program called BBG. Overtime we have all become very close. I feel like I know these girls better than some of my friends that live in my hometown that I see all the time. Anywho...that's just a little back story for ya. This outfit is for the night we all fly in and have reservations to go out to dinner and drinks. Its by far the fanciest your gonna see me all weekend because after our night in Minneapolis we are driving to northern Minnesota to spend the weekend at my friend Molly's lake house! 

Casual Outfits-
  • shoes
  • Skirt and top are both from TJ Max

  • shoes
  • skirt
  • shirt I got my top on sale at the Abercrombie outlet store but I found this one online that is very similar and on super sale!
  • earrings

Swimwear and Cover ups-
  • swimsuit you guys!!! this swimsuit has been restocked all sizes and colorsπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜ I can't believe how many of you purchased this suit after I linked it in one of my first blog posts.
  • shoes and sunnies linked above
  • cover up is last season and no longer available:(

  • swimsuit
  • shoes and sunnies linked above

  •  swimsuit same style different print

  • cover up is from Victorias Secret last season
  • swimsuit

Now that I have all my outfits and accessories chosen I start packing my jewelry!
Pictured above is the jewelry roll that I use for short trips. I have a few tips for packing my jewelry to keep it organized and not a tangled mess. 

  • use an old head band to organized your stud earrings and keep them from getting lost. You could easily use and old ribbon or piece of fabric as well. 
  • use a carabiner to keep your bracelets from getting tangled
  • use straws to keep your delicate chains from getting tangled  

all packed and ready to roll

I have all my reusable travel containersfavorite travel hanging organizer and travel sized toiletries organized in the same cupboard so I know exactly where everything is. 

To make sure I don't forget anything I do a mental rundown of my daily beauty routine. Starting with my morning routine
  • toothbrush
  • travel toothbrush case
  • toothpaste
  • floss
  • body wash
  • shampoo
  • conditioner
  • razor

I use a binder clip on my razor to protect myself and my things from the blades
I pack my skincare products in small reusable containers because most of my products are more than the allowed 3.4 oz
I decided to go heat free on my hair this summer so I won't be packing a straighter, curling iron, or blowdryer for this trip but these are the heat free hair products I'm bringing with me
  • travel hairbrush
  • travel sized hairspray
  • clear elastics these are my favorites because they don't break easily and the pack comes with 3 different sizes. I have been braiding my hair a lot since going heat free and these clear elastics are essential for braided hairstylesπŸ˜‰
Now its time to take everything I've planned out and fit it into this carry on you think I can do it???

Do you doubt me????

HA! I told you I could do itπŸ˜‰
Watch this video to see exactly how I fold my clothes.Kon Mari Method

One of the features I love about this suitcase is that I can zip my clothes separate from my shoes and toiletries. Just in case something explodes during the flight I feel a little less stressed about my clothes getting ruined. Sometimes I fold my swimsuits but I had the extra room so I put them in this zipper compartment.
I use the other side of my carry on for shoes and toiletries. I like to have my liquids accessible so I can easily pull them out when going through security.

Usually I leave my toiletries out because I will need them in the morning to get ready but since my flight is so early I plan on doing my make up at the airport after Ive gone through security;) however I will be brushing my teeth and washing my face before I leave the houseπŸ˜‰ 

The last thing I do is pack my "purse" which is actually a Stella and Dot Getaway bag. 

It can fit so much stuff and actually unzips in the middle to extend even bigger. (this is a very important feature when you go shopping while on vacation and return with more stuff than you packed) I will put my small purse inside this bag so the people that check your bags at the gate don't get upset that I have too many bagsπŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ»

My in flight essentials-

  • hand cream
  • shine control (so I can freshen up my face before getting of the plane)
  • chapstick
  • lipstick
  • hand sanitizer
  • eye drops (my eyes get super dry and irritated on planes)
  • Advil
  • travel size perfume (this is one of my favorite scents but the full sized perfume is sooooo expensive that I opted for the travel size)

Lastly I pack my camera and laptop bags. I make sure I have all my chargers, batteries, and accessories in these bags. 

And thats it! well actually the last thing I do before I go to bed is take 1/2 an anti anxiety medication to help me sleep. After 10 years of struggling with travel induced anxiety I finally went to my doctor and she prescribed me medication to take before flying. 

I hope you all found this helpful...I love traveling but hate packing! I find that when I'm organized I feel less stressed and it makes travel day much smoother! Please comment and lmk if you have any questions or if I missed any important details.


P.S. I hope all my Insta followers are ready for some BBG girls gone wild...OMG JUST KIDDING! but seriously its gonna be so much fun meeting these girls for the first time!

  • Please note: This post contains affiliate links.

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