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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Shop my favorite Stella and Dot accessories

I get so many questions about my jewelry and accessories and honestly 95% of my stuff is Stella and Dot;) I've been wearing their stuff for years because it's super cute, trendy, and high quality! Plus  I love supporting my friends and their businesses;) I've linked most of the pieces that I've been wearing lately plus some of my all time faves;) happy shopping babes!!

Chevron pave' necklace- This is one of my first ever Stella and Dot purchases and I'm so happy they are still selling it, plus it's on sale!!! It's so versatile and can be worn multiple ways. I like wearing the strands separate but they can all 3 be worn together or layered with other necklaces. ANNNDDD...all three strands can be worn on the pave' side or flipped over and be worn on the smooth side for a completely different look.

Reina necklace/bracelet-  I have this in neutral and multi color and I love wearing them layered as a wrap bracelet but are also super cute worn as a necklace.

Deja Vu double sided studs- Apparently I lovejewelry that can be worn multiple way lol! But seriously these earings are like two for the price of one!

Gita tassel earings-  these are kinda a statement piece but very reasonably priced! I love the combo of white and gold for summer but the black and gold is super cute and classy too;)

Pave' ear cuff- ok I'm obsessed with ear cuffs! I bought one last summer from American Eagle and I wore it so much until I lost it:((( so when I found out that S&D had them in silver and gold I had to have both!!!

The Covet Sloane bag-  This bag is my most recent splurgešŸ˜‰ And I absolutely love it!!! It's really high quality and the perfect size! I almost always buy crossbody bags because I like my hands to be free.

These are my most recent S&D purchases but I'm also going to include the names of some of my all time faves and some of the items on my wish list;)

The getaway bag
The Avalon tote 
Sparkle studs
Cleopatra studs 
Celestial choker

Ditch the Diet

It took me 10 years of yoyo dieting to realize that diets don't work. If your struggling with any kind of disordered eating habits I promise you, the answer to your problem isn't another diet. I know The urge to diet is strong and the thought of losing weight quickly is alluring but if your long term goal is to heal your relationship with food doing another diet will only take you backwards. This is fresh on my heart because I'm currently dealing with my old tendencies to crash diet or restrict myself after indulging all week on vacation. Yeah I could lose the extra vacation fluff faster that way but it would be detrimental to my mental health and all the progress I've made to find balance and sustainability in my healthy lifestyle. This last year I've had to learn to be patient with my results and focus on what's going on inside my head vs. what kind of physical changes I've made and I realize now that depriving yourself makes it impossible to enjoy life and is stressful on your body. Diets aren't sustainable because they aren't individualized and only focus on numbers not food. Diets ignore intuition and are a fast track to a binge:( If you've struggled to find balance with food, feel like food or dieting has become an obsession or are always trying a new diet in hopes that it will solve your relationship with food. Try these simple steps to finding a healthy, balanced, and sustainable lifestyle.
  • Commit to NEVER dieting again. This includes tracking macros, counting calories, restricting food groups, (unless you have food allergies) etc... 
  • get rid of your scale (numbers don't define you) 
  • focus on wellness not weight
  • Quit punishing yourself  and feeling guilty or ashamed for what you ate. Your human, you make decisions...sometimes they are good and sometimes not so good;) how you react to these choices has a huge impact on your mindset and relationship with food. 
  • Be patient and realize that results might be slower but it's worth it if you can ultimately end your internal war with food, find balance and a sustainable lifestyle that doesn't deprive you of anything and allows you to enjoy life while feeling your best!
  • Try to eat intuitively and focus on what foods make you feel good and what foods make you feel like a garbage can. Your body deserves to be treated with respect, and that means listening to the signals it's giving you;) 
  • Trust yourself to eat when your hungry, stop when your satisfied, and eat things that make you feel good.
These principals are important regardless of your current weight/size! You deserve to eat without guilt, have a healthy body and mind, and end the yoyo dieting insanity! Don't forget to be patient with yourself, forgiveness is essential, and loving yourself is a priority that takes daily intention (but that's a topic I'll save for another blog post)  I love you guys so much and  I hope my insights are helpful, I'm just a girl that's been through it and wants to help others get out of it. Btw I've linked this romper that I wore in Disneyland because it's super cute, comfy, AND on sale;) 

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Shop this super flattering one piece and sunnies!

Hey ladies! We are headed to AZ now and I haven't had time to write my vacation blog post yet but so many of you have been asking about where I got this swimsuit so I'm quickly linking it in this post  and I'll finish up my full post this week while in AZ;) until then I hope you snag this suit because it's so flattering, comfortable, and I got a ton of compliments when I wore it to the pool;) 
shop by clicking photos below!


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Rompers and why I LOVE them!

Rompers are a summer staple for me...but I remember when they first became popular and everyone thought they were weird! Good thing Im usually one of the first people to try out a new style. Aside from being a pain in the butt when you have to use a public restroom they are by far one of my favorite things to wear when the weather starts warming up. They are so easy to dress up or down, can be worn with heels or flip flops, no need to match your top with your bottoms (you're covered) and they are extremely comfortable and flattering;) This one pictured is from last season but I'm linking a very similar one as well as all my accessories! happy shopping ladies and don't be afraid to try new styles and step out of your comfort zone. You might actually surprise yourself.


I started a BLOG...WHAT?!?!

After months and months of going back and forth about starting this blog I finally did it. I was actually on the stair master this morning and was watching a youtube video about blogging for beginners and realized that its a lot easier than I thought to get started...I just had to do it! So while sweating my butt off on the stair master I signed up and created this blog lol! So welcome to Lexiesfitlife...I am excited about sharing my fitness and health journey with you as well as some of the other things I enjoy in life such as food, fashion, family, travel, etc...
till my next you all so much and THANK YOU for all the support and encouragement to chase my dreams!

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